The Rose, nonprofit quality breast healthcare

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The Rose
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00:01-The Rose has one mission and that's to make sure that no woman has to die of breast cancer 00:06-because she didn't have the cost of the mammogram. 00:10-We provide mammograms and ultrasounds and biopsies but the most important thing we provide 00:15-is access to treatment for the uninsured woman. 00:18-So when a woman walks through our door, we aren't just saying to them, you have cancer 00:22-and go find your own treatment, what we are saying is we're going to walk with you every 00:26-step of the way. 00:29-We are locally based, we serve our community, and our community is always Southeast Texas. 00:47-We need your help to take care of so many women who deserve that chance to survive.
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